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Customer Stories

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Vinn L. from California
Damaged Silver FX-10
I was airborne and then slid on the road...
Helmet Details

Model: FX-10

Color: Silver

Standards: DOT

Successor: FX-90

I had a motorcycle crash on 1/21/2006. I was eastbound on Highway 10 around City Terrace area, the weather was sunny and [the sky was clear]. I was going at the normal Southern California highway speed [and] had ridden this highway many times.

Suddenly, I lost [control] of my bike {there must have been a crack, pothole, [some debris] or an oil slick on the [road]}. I was airborne and [then] slid on the road for over 300ft. diagonally across 3 lanes [of traffic] while my cruiser was pushing me.

I was wearing an AFX full-face helmet at the time. The helmet had heavy scratches all-around, [particularly] around the chin area. I suffered no head injury. I also wore a motorcycle jacket, gloves and boots. All those items took a beating for me.

I was able to walk away from the crash with only a broken pinky, a swollen shoulder, and a few large scratches on my knees.

The right equipment saves lives. Thanks.