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Customer Stories

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Barry F. from Nova Scotia
Damaged Silver FX-5
I left the motorcycle, went through the motorcycle windshield...
Helmet Details

Model: FX-5

Color: Silver

Standards: DOT

I am very happy to be able to send this note to you, and without your help it is most certain that I would not be able to. Please let me explain:

On July 5th, I was enjoying a beautiful evening ride on my 2004 Kawasaki Nomad when a vehicle heading in the opposite direction went out of control and skidded into my lane. Being on a two-lane highway, and having traffic all around, I had nowhere to go [] and I struck the vehicle on the passenger side rear quarter panel. The impact was estimated at somewhere between 120-140kmph [75-87mph] this is the combined speed of the car and my motorcycle. I left the motorcycle, went through the motorcycle windshield, then through the rear window of the car, only to be thrown from the car when it went into the ditch. As per witnesses, all [of] my travel was in a headfirst direction.

This is where you come in.

I am pleased to say that I am living testimony as to the quality and durability of your helmets. Other than the surface damage from broken glass and pavement, the helmet remained intact along with its contents.

Unfortunately, the rest of my body was not as fortunate as my head, and I did sustain extensive injuries [] of which it does now appear I shall recover from, and I am now quite optimistic in regards to getting back on a motorcycle.


Once again thank you for a quality product. I have no problem in telling others what I had on that fateful evening.