AFX Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Warranty conditions and when you should consider replacing your helmet.

We at AFX believe in the quality of our products and the care that goes into their manufacture. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty program applies to every helmet we sell, in every market, and protects owners against defects and the premature wear of helmet components during the projected life expectancy of the product (5 years from the date of purchase). The warranty does not cover matters beyond our control such as normal wear and tear, or damage incurred through accident or abuse. Owners wishing to make a warranty claim are directed to contact AFX through our website to commence the exchange process.


The expected lifespan of an AFX helmet is 4-5 years of seasonal use, and decreases accordingly as the frequency of use increases. As you would expect, helmets used for competition such as road racing and motocross tend to have a much shorter life span. The more exposure a helmet endures to the elements, body oils, and perspiration, the faster it will wear out. In most cases the helmet liner will be the first component to wear out and, as such, functions as a good indicator that a helmet should be replaced.

We at AFX recommend that any helmet suffering a significant impact to the shell be removed from use immediately, whether there is visible physical damage or not. A helmet is designed to deform in an accident in order to absorb the energy of the impact, and should never be reused afterwards for its ability to protect the rider further could be compromised.


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