Helmet Materials and Construction

Helmet Materials and Construction

Built to Protect. Built to Last.

All of our DOT, ECE and Snell M2005-approved helmets are constructed using the same quality material, a high-grade thermoplastic poly-alloy. This material is a polycarbonate mix with special cold weather and paint curing additives.

All our helmets are high-pressure injection-molded with the mold part line removed and painted over. To ensure a long-lasting finish, we use multiple layers of paint with a super-hard UV-treated clearcoat finish. Our paint actually bonds to the helmet shell to provide a durable long-lasting finish.

All of our face shields are compound-curved, hard-coated, and scratch-resistant with a special UV treatment to ensure years of use.

Inside every AFX helmet we use plush-brushed hypo-allergenic liners that are not only very comfortable, but also durable. Every helmet chin strap is attached with high-strength stainless-steel rivets, and is secured with our design straight-edge d-ring.

Helmets designed with our removable liner system use only stainless steel and plastic snaps for durability and ease of cleaning.

All of our helmets with graphics are given a special UV treated clear-coat to protect the graphic from peeling off or fading.

No matter what AFX helmet you buy from our FX-3 DOT-approved beanie helmet to our ECE and Snell M2005 approved FX-16 street helmet, the same consistency and quality of materials is used in every AFX helmet model.


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