AFX Fast Shields
FX-28 with Smoke Fast ShieldFX-28 with Silver Mirror Fast ShieldFX-16 with Blue Mirror Fast ShieldFX-16 with Rainbow Mirror Fast Shield
Add a tinted shield to any helmet in seconds!

AFX Fast Shields allow riders to easily and quickly add a removable tinted shield to their existing fullface, off-road or open-face helmet. Fast Shields are highly portable, scratch-resistant, protect against UV rays, and feature a universal design that should work with just about any helmet, even those not produced by AFX!


Smoke Fast Shield Kit

Small Shield: 0131-0055, $19.95

Large Shield: 0131-0051, $19.95

Silver Mirror

Small Shield: 0131-0056, $19.95

Large Shield: 0131-0052, $19.95

Blue Mirror Fast Shield Kit
Blue Mirror

Small Shield: 0131-0057, $19.95

Large Shield: 0131-0053, $19.95

Rainbow Mirror

Small Shield: 0131-0058, $19.95

Large Shield: 0131-0054, $19.95

How Fast Shields Work