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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you sell me an FX-xx helmet?

AFX does not sell motorcycle helmets directly to the public. However, you should have little difficulty locating a local AFX helmet dealer or an online store which offers our products in our  › HOW TO BUY  section.

I live outside of the United States and Canada, where can I buy one of your helmets?

If you refer to our list of  › ONLINE VENDORS , you should see several companies that offer international shipping.

Can I get a replacement part for my FX-xx?

Yes. You can find our complete catalog of AFX replacement parts and helmet accessories, including pricing, part numbers and more, in our  › PARTS  section.

Where can I download the latest AFX catalog?

Our latest catalog, along with a catalog archive dating back to 2002, can be found in our  › CATALOGS  section.

Safety Reminder

AFX receives countless requests for sponsorship, and while helmet manufacturers are traditionally active in supporting individuals involved with motorsports, we as an organization have chosen to invest our efforts elsewhere. Every year, AFX contributes thousands in both product and direct financial support to charities and other non-profit organizations, both in our local communities and across North America.

From Cancer Societies to volunteer fire brigades, from veterans’ groups to local sport teams, if you feel that our company, or the product we produce, could be of benefit to your community or non-profit organization, we would be more than happy to discuss the possibility. As for developing racers looking for individual sponsorship, this is not an activity in which we typically involve ourselves. However, we do make exceptions, so let us know about yourself and your aspirations, and we'll take your request into consideration.

- Doug Hill
President, AFX North America Inc.